Team- Sarah B ,claire w,Jodie, Louise e, cat, elaine, ice and Helen m

Playing against our old rivals Oldbury this 1st team had a slow start getting used the horrible shooting posts at Dudley but once settled they fought hard and played some great netball. Elaine was injured early into the match and had to come off! ( never seen before!) but Helen replaced her and had a battle on her hands against a dangerous GA sadly they lost by 1 but as the team settles into the season I'm sure they will be unbeatable! 
Pom elaine

Team - Jess, Lou p, Shelley, Sarah b, Sarah V, meg , helen and tracy

This was a tough match to start with playing Bran Nu that have come down from division 1, there was some great play especially in defence playing against a huge GS and the umpire at times!!! Congratulations to meg who played up 6 divisions and held her own mid court. Once the Bs had settled into their stride the game was over too soon and they lost by 5. 
POM Sarah b.

Team- Vicki,Helen,Niamh,emma,Jayne,claire g, claire e and claire jones

The team started well keeping the score within 1 til the 2nd quarter when withymore started to get ahead. Our defence did particularly well and turned the ball over many times sadly many shots were missed which resulted in the team loosing by 10. 
Pom claire jones

Team- Robyn, Hannah, Lucy, Ellie, meg, Sian, Katie , Roisin and laura

Tigers black hit the court hard with fast pace great movement speed and accurate shooting Oldbury never really got a look in going into the 2nd half of the game out defence had only allowed them to gain 1 goal! The game continued to be fast paced and resulted in winning by 45 goals well done all players lets hope that the winning streak continues. 

Pom Meghan