Octobers just for fun challenge is ...

Create a a short poem/verse/song for your team and or the club!.

Shelley from Tigers A team has set the bar high with her entry.

Please email your entries and we will update the website.

please also send us your ideas for Novembers "just for Fun"

By Shelley Paxton-Tigers A

Tigers, Tigers, we're the best,

We're guaranteed to beat the rest,

Helen, Nat and Laine out back,

Who swoop and push and take the slack,

Tracey, Toot and the Tigers' Boss,

Mid fielders, speedy and creating the toss,

Into the shooters, Luce, Sar and Shell,

Dodging and swishing till the final bell,

When the opposition lose again and again,

And as always give player of the match to Elaine

The committee x


Vicki Chatwin

Birmingham tigers A (24.9.11)



Pontins is here there's nothing to fear
Look out Prestatyn the tigers are here


Picked up at 5
Twas a he'll of drive


Unpacked our bits
In the chalets Ritz!


Should we play good? or should we play bad?
But playing versatility was voted as sad


We started full of tigers spirit
“Girls you know we just might win it!”


X-factor and pyjamas
While the girls go bananas


Early to bed for tigers A

The U18s continued to partay


Aching and sore from the day before

But we get up early to play some more


The girls wake up with a big hangover

Before we know it their playing is over 


Semi-finals in the Cup!

Come on tigers A we have to step up


Sadly a win wasn't to be

Was it because we missed Shelley!


Pack up and leave, heading for home

A wicked weekend, no reason to moan 


Au revoir Prestatyn

We'll be back next year to kick some a** in

Joint effort (pontins crew!) 24.9.11


September is here, and it's Pontins time if year
We'll play a little netball, and drink lots and lots of beer!

We were gonna play versatility, but we wanted to show our ability
We were all impressed with toot's ballet, she's obviously been practising in the chalet
We won lots of games and were highly ranked
But we think that tomorrow we'll be royally spanked

The girls dressed as convicts, looking slick
Let's hope they don't end up in the nick!
The rest of 'us' are in need of a chiropractor
So we've had a Chinese and are watching X Factor!

Elaine can't rhyme.......she just can't!!


Elaine Grant (Tigers A)


It's Friday night we all head off north, take the M6 but it could be a bind we don't get to Pontins til well after nine.

Saturday comes it's netball all day, no time to make food good job Helen was there! We're missing our Shelley but still doing great cos we're up for t cup and not for the plate.

Few pint at the Vic until well after six, then back to the chalet for some Xfactor telly, no cooking is done but the take away is great.

The youngsters go wild with their night on the town, the old'ns settle in with Vino and jammies.

Sunday morn and straight into games, we lose t youngsters at the quarter stage, the old'ns are thru knocked out at the semi's by what turns or to be the eventual winners, we get 70 quid so it's not so bad goes towards that posh ball we had.

Another year over we've had a great crack watch out Prestatyn the TIGERS will b back.