Sinead Finnegan

(Head Coach)


Sinead has played since little league then joined Parkside and played in division 1 until she went off to University in Bristol where she joined the 1st team and played premier standard. She joined a local side in Bristol called Roman Glass and played division 1 and regional. 

Sinead quickly became interested in coaching and began coaching the Uni's 2nd and 3rd teams as well as a bristol team called Frys Luckily for Tigers Sinead moved back to Brum in the summer where we grabbed hold of her and have taken over her life  since.

We asked why Sinead had joined the Tigers?

 "I wanted to join Tigers because of the family feeling to the club. I played for years with my mom and loved it, its nice to be part of a club that has mothers, daughters and sisters all playing together".

We asked Sinead , whats the best part of coaching the tigers?

"The mixture of girls & women all working together to progress the club"

We asked Sinead where does she see the club in 5 years?

"Getting bigger, having a senior regional side as well as a junior. Tigers are going to produce some of the next best netballers and i'm excited to be part of this".